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McCann was the big winner in June when it nailed First Brands' consolidated $35 million account. Now it likely will be the big loser. Odds are Clorox, which last week agreed to buy FB, will assign the business to Clorox's agencies, DDB Needham/SF and Y&R/SF. Clorox typically moves acquisitions to its agencies, and even one high-level McCann exec acknowledges it's unlikely Clorox will add a shop to the roster. Early betting is Y&R will get FB's $8 million cat litter assignment -- Scoop Away, Ever Fresh, Jonny Cat -- since it already works on Clorox's Fresh Step. Y&R was an FB agency but lost to McCann in this year's review. Some observers figure Clorox will move FB's $10 million STP to Needham, which already is in the car category with Clorox's Armor All. Biggest question: Who gets Glad? Spending on Glad last year fell to $6.6 million from $18 million, and it's been inactive recently; Burnett resigned it in June. Observers think Clorox will invest in the brand. That could yield some $25 million in Glad tidings for DDB or Y&R.

Truman and `Agony' in the air

Conde Nast Editorial Director James Truman, seated first-class on an American Airlines flight from SF to JFK, was reading none other than Irma Kurtz's "Agony" column in Hearst's Cosmopolitan. This begs the question: Was Truman boning up to help out ex-Cosmo/new Glamour editor Bonnie Fuller, or was he just looking for some advice?

Messner has Macs for Intel inside job

Intel picked Messner Vetere Etc./Euro RSCG as its consumer agency (see For the Record on Page 44). So what's Messner use to make ads for its clients? An Apple PR man gleefully says Messner has more than 600 Macintoshes. Apple execs are "smiling quietly," he says, though he adds it would be unlike Apple to crow about this in an ad. No immediate response from Messner.

Ad placement problem for iXL

Web agency iXL took out a page ad in this month's Silicon Alley Reporter, a mag about the NY Web scene. But what's more interesting is a boxed quote on the facing page that ran as part of a long Q&A with Jonathan Nelson, CEO of rival Organic Online. Said Nelson: "IXL is basically a mishmash of second-rate nobodies, as far as I'm concerned." IXL Exec VP Dave Clauson says he has "a lot of respect for Jonathan," and he has nothing negative to say about the magazine. Says Clauson: "Let's just say sometimes you get bad placement."

Blockbusted . . . smoke 'em

Young & Rubicam had a strained relationship with what it considered a difficult client at Blockbuster. So when Y&R lost the biz to W.B. Doner, the internal memo told the staff to "Go home happy." . . . Jiffy Lube's S. Calif. stores pulled "Oil of L.A." boards after complaints from Oil of Olay maker P&G. Wonder if P&G would allow our suggested replacement: Choosy mothers choose Jiffy Lube. . . . The NicoDerm CQ-Nicorette Champ Car will race Nov. 1 -- in the Marlboro 500.

Compiled by Bradley Johnson with news from Alice Z. Cuneo, Carol Krol, Kate Maddox and Laura Petrecca.

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