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Advertising agencies large and small in New York do not understand the Internet and the World Wide Web.

I have been offering my company's Web site development services to agencies of all sizes...Some agencies have created internal interactive units that develop Web sites, or they use outside resources like my company. However, I met with one agency executive and asked him why he agreed to meet with me when he already has an internal resource. He said, "If they knew what they were doing you wouldn't be here."

One of my prospective clients asked my company to submit a proposal for a Web site for some of their brands even though their ad agency develops Web sites. I asked, "What about your advertising agency?" My client responded, "They don't have a clue."

Advertising agencies should completely educate their upper management in this new medium. Then they should teach clients and prospective clients about the medium and its marketing potential. .*.*. The World Wide Web is a revolutionary medium, not just a new technology. .*.*. What other medium allows a company to establish a one-to-one relationship with millions of clients and customers?

John M. Busher


[email protected]

In the New on the Market section in your Feb. 12 issue, a description of The Wall Street Journal's TV spot erroneously states, "While the camera zooms in on two men in separate offices an announcer describes the various ways in which the men are alike."

For the record, you never see two men. You only see a side by side change of doors and titles for each person as they progress up the ladder, accompanied by a voiceover. This was a commercial without on-camera actors, and was gender neutral. By the way, the spot was 60 seconds in length, not 30.

Our agency produced this commercial as part of a series for The Wall Street Journal.

Lawrence Butner

Lawrence Butner Advertising

New York

In Landmarks (Feb. 26, P. 46), the Zodiac watch campaign featured in "Attitudes" was created by the Compton & Partners division of Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, New York.


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