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Good Levi's coverage

Throughout the Levi's brand review process, Advertising Age reported the story accurately and fairly -- including the outcome (AA, Oct. 27 et seq.).

For that professionalism, the magazine has our gratitude. And for the exceptionally gracious added measure you took, recapping a portion of the creative work we are so proud of having produced during our 68-year relationship with the brand, you have our special thanks.

Jack Boland

President-CEO, Foote, Cone & Belding

San Francisco

Too soon to bury Wells

The body is not even cold. Actually the body is not even dead. So not only is it premature to mourn the death of Wells BDDP, it is distasteful and downright irresponsible to suggest that it "exit with dignity" ("Let Wells exit with dignity," AA, Feb. 23).

Whether Wells chooses to quietly fade away, or refuses to give up and fights, is a decision that remains the prerogative of its management to make -- not the editorial opinion of a magazine to promote in an open forum.

It is not just the almost certain additional damage caused to whatever credibility Wells has left with its existing clients and the business community at large that comments like "let Wells go with dignity" clearly inflict. It is more the moral outrage of the victim who is down and told to stay down that I think is equally reprehensible.

What is "lamentable" is not the (inappropriate) prediction of "the fall of an advertising agency brand," but rather the apparent loss, the disappearance of that quality we used to find commendable: courage to deal with and overcome adversity. If Wells chooses to fight, I for one would sooner cheer on their resolve than stand by and watch with detached passivity.

The hype is wrong; there is no glory in death. It's not how you die that matters; it's how you live.

Joseph Baladi

Senior VP-director of client services, McCann Amster Yard

New York

Millennial mistake

I thoroughly enjoyed Bob Garfield's online piece reviewing ads run during the Super Bowl ("Bud lizards electrify Super Bowl ads," AdAge.com and AA, Jan. 26). As usual, his comments were accurate and insightful.

However, regarding the spot from M&M's, Bob should have flunked that ad for using a completely inaccurate premise: The new millennium begins in the year 2001 (MMI), not 2000 (MM).

This is not meant to be annoying; it's a matter of being correct. M&M's logic would be the same as flying to a different time zone and not changing your watch or starting the new year on Dec. 31 because it's more convenient for your purpose. It just ain't so.

It's easy to remember: You count from one to 10, not from zero to nine. Any company, and especially one that sells its product to kids, should at least take the time to be honest and accurate while hawking its wares.

Barry Janoff

Sports Journalism

Port Washington, N.Y.

Selling not `cool'?

As is usually the case, Bob Garfield's reviews were right on target ("Bud lizards electrify Super Bowl ads," AA, Jan. 26).

But my 61/2-year-old son cut through the mayhem of murderous lizards, a digitally reincarnated Elvis and dancing tomatoes to offer an unwitting, but telling, indictment of Super Bowl ads: "These commercials are cool. Not like the regular ones where they're trying to sell you something."

Barry A. Cox


Alexandria, Va.

Bad rap for farmers

I'm sure there are hundreds of agri-marketing people who agree that it is Bob Garfield who doesn't understand agriculture and the environment. He surely wrote his Ad Review ("Brinkley is a loser in ADM's shill game," AA, Jan. 12) between two meals.

Farmers have been unfairly maligned for years about the environment because they don't fight back as a group. I believe it's documented that there are more trees, more deer and more ducks today than in 1776. Farmers take their stewardship over their land very seriously.

Food is too cheap in the U.S. Bob and his fat friends should give up food for a week and then write another column after foraging for food in his backyard.

Keith Christensen

Western ad manager

American Vegetable Grower

Modesto, Calif.

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