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Display Peace Challenge

Thank you for selecting my work as an honorable mention in the Peace Challenge (AA, June 10). I feel honored to be featured with the other five wonderful and spirited ads.

Ad Age, you also deserve at least an honorable mention for your leadership role in creating this Olympic event. For no other reason than whenever you can have a community as creative as ours communicate the hope and aspiration that peace fosters, the better our world stands to be.

I would hope there is a home for these ads, and the other submissions, at the Games in Atlanta. Even a simple exhibit at the Atlanta airport would be very meaningful. Wouldn't it be wonderful for the people visiting the Games to step off their flight and walk past an exhibit of peace and hope? Wouldn't it set a great tone for the following two weeks....and maybe beyond?

Cliff Medney

Managing director, Fusion 5

Westport, Conn.

More on MRI

In regard to the supposed "inaccuracies" in my earlier letter [cited by MRI; AA, June 24]:

1. Number of magazines measured: Whether MRI measures 232 magazines or 260, the resulting data are still questionable. To do so within a study that also measures yellow pages, online services, cable, network TV, radio and newspapers is to attempt far too much in one survey. I would bet that MRI's cooperation rate for the personal interview was significantly higher with 150, or, better yet, 116 titles than it is now with 232.

2. Oversampling in major markets and undersampling in Dakota: The fact that MRI may oversample in major markets and undersample in the Dakotas doesn't carry much meaning, since MRI doesn't publish full data on recovery rates for demographic groups or geographic regions.

3. Professional/managerial wom-en: MRI shows the same percentage of professional/managerial women as the U.S. Census-approximately 17%.However, among weighted respondents before sample balancing that percentage is only 13.7%


4. Recent reading: My point about recent reading ..... is that someone who has seen a two- or three-year-old copy of a magazine at a doctor's office within the past 30 days will count as a recent reader of the magazine. Advertisers commit money to reach readers within a specific promotional time period.

5. Mail surveys aren't as representative: Mail surveys are successfully used by Monroe Mendelsohn, J.D. Power, IntelliQuest and most magazine publishers for subscriber studies (many of these last conducted by MRI). While response rate may be somewhat lower, mail surveys gain in accuracy by providing larger samples

and using true random sampling rather than clustering.

Hopefully, MRI will take some concrete steps to improve their survey. If

they do, we will support them 100%

Stephen M. Blacker

VP-market research, Conde Nast

New York

Cereal ripoff?

So the cereal companies are falling all over themselves claiming credit

for reducing prices. Isn't all that really says is that they have been

ripping off consumers for years and finally got caught at it?

The real breakfast value is still two eggs for only about 8 cents each.

Louis B. Raffel

President, American Egg Board

Park Ridge, Ill.

`Ad Age' the textbook

Thank you so much for including me in your "On a Roll" column (AA, May

27). My copy arrived while I was lecturing for the Xavier University

Sports Management Graduate Program. Everyone (including me) was very


When I first went in to the business in 1983, Ad Age became my bible, my

textbook, my "Rabbi." What professional skills, corporate/brand and

eclectic information I have accrued can be traced directly to your many

important articles, coverage and special issues. Your Olympic coverage and

articles can not be found any where else.

The education I still receive laid the foundation for my marketing/public

relations strategy for Bertelsmann Music Group's National Black History

Month "Choice is Yours" Campaign '96.

For my New School entertainment marketing and Parsons fashion PR classes,

Ad Age is required. Considering the cost of textbooks, Ad Age is a

bargain! Regardless of major, without Ad Age students are ill prepared to

work in the corporate sector.

Lois Lazarus

President, Lazarus & Associates

New York

Idea behind Infiniti

I wanted to present another view to Bob Garfield concerning his ad review

of Nissan Motor Corp. USA's Infiniti campaign (AA, June 17).

Mr. Garfield interprets the ads in whi

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