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Girls aren't the only ones who want fun. We all do, but the '90s are not turning out to be the fun decade. Some 41% of those polled on America Online via American Dialogue for Advertising Age say they're having less fun now than they did two years ago, while 29% figure they're having more. Another 26% calculate it as the same; 4% don't know.

Not many consider this the decade of fun. That label would better apply to the '80s (26%). Other good-time eras: the '20s (19%); the '70s (18%); the '60s (16%); and the '50s (10%). The current decade (6%) bested just the '30s (2%) and '40s (3%).

Here are some things we know about fun:

That slightly more people have fun with the same sex than in mixed company (40% vs 37%) and that 23% have more of it alone.

That roasting marshmallows over a campfire is way more of a hoot than a candlelit gourmet meal (63% to 37%).

That soft denim jeans, old sneakers and a favorite sweatshirt are almost twice the fun of a sundress miniskirt (66% vs 34%).

Princess Di seems like she'd be much more fun to spend an afternoon with (70%) than the queen mother (18%) or Prince Charles (12%), and President Clinton considerably more fun than his wife (63% vs. 19%).

A hot, scented bath is more fun than sex-and as good as a body rub/massage. Other "awesome" scorers by preference: Sleeping late beats pigging out on hot fudge sundaes, baking cookies or getting a letter or call from a "lost" friend.

Riding a mountain bike ties with losing 10 pounds. Warm cookies and milk nip past jumping on a trampoline and going someplace exotic. And tickling someone is lots more fun than being tickled.

Judging from this poll we don't recommend parasailing, beach volleyball, spying on people, smoking a joint, getting drunk, parade watching or marching, or skinny dipping.

But go ahead, watch those scary movies, play a practical joke on someone, shop for something frivolous and do take a chance springing that surprise party-81% would welcome it.

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