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No Limit Records lived up to its name last year in making one of the more astonishing marketing moves for a record company-branching out from the rough-and-tumble hip-hop music scene to sports management.

In a major coup, the company-which says it pulled in $400 million in revenue last year, putting its founder, Master P, a.k.a. Percy Miller, on Forbes' list of highest-paid entertainers-signed one of the premiere college football player, Ricky Williams.

With the signing of Mr. Williams, Mr. Miller created No Limit Sports, and put Wharton Business School grad and former boxer Leland Hardy in charge.

Mr. Hardy, managing director and chief investment officer of No Limit Entertainment, runs the operations. Through Mr. Hardy's direction, No Limit Sports now represents 24 athletes.

"We have a one-sentence pitch," says Mr. Hardy, 37, in explaining the division's quick growth, "and it's a run-on sentence. 'A 29-year-old black male, who started with $10,000 in 1983, and who grosses in excess of $400 million in 1998, is interested in taking you under his wing and teaching you the things that made him successful.' "

Master P, for instance, has created his own line of apparel, No Limit Soldier Gear, as well as establishing his own film division, No Limit Films.

One National Basketball Association client, Derek Anderson, recently starred in two No Limit features. To extend the brand further, Master P and shoemaker Converse recently announced a joint venture to produce a co-branded basketball shoe.

"We think we offer more for clients under one roof than has ever been offered," says Mr. Hardy.

"Contract negotiations are the least significant offering. The opportunity to

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