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Client: Boston Chicken

Agency: The LeapPartnership

Director: Tom DeCerchio, Crossroads Films

Call me a sucker for Catskills humor, but this is funny. When a guilty husband returns home and sheepishly confesses that he missed dinner because he's been with another woman, the wife attacks him as a liar, knowing full well that he's gone out for a Boston Chicken dinner instead. It's a hard sell that's fun to watch. I think this whole campaign is strategically right on the money. 30

Client: Bud Ice Draft

Agency: DDB Needham/Chicago

Director: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen,

GMS Productions

Sorry, but lighting blow torches at guys who don't have the sense to specifically ask for Bud Ice is not funny. And not only is it not funny to watch, but it's not original and not funny. But there is some solace in knowing that as painful as it is to watch, at least the actors can't hear you not laughing.

Client: Staples Agency: Cliff Freeman & PartnersDirector: Henry Holtzman, Industrial Artists

It's so hard to do those "back to school so you better stock up on supplies" spots with any modicum of wit, but this one has it.

Kids in catatonic depression about returning to the classroom are juxtaposed with Dad joyously skipping down the aisles. Repressed ids have gone wild in this spot, but I think parents will relate to the pure thrill of knowing their little ones will spend the next 10 months driving their teacher crazy. As for the Staples "Yeah, we got that" slogan .*.*. yeah,

I like that.


Client: Marithe Francois Girbaud Jeans

Agency: Berlin Wright Cameron

OK, this is different. A mock philosophical approach to how Girbaud jeans were constructed, with a Lilliputian Generation X being tossed out of the dryer.

If you don't totally "get it," hey, that's OK. It's jeans advertising, you're not supposed to totally get it. You're supposed to think that someone much hipper than you gets it, and that's why you ultimately want to wear the jeans. I'm sufficiently intrigued though, thought the art direction was exceptional and was just so happy to see jeans ads sans the obligatory bimbo-ettes.

Client: Kenwood

Agency: Citron, Haligman & Bedecarre

The agency did a terrific job showing the benefits of enjoying theater-quality sound without having to get dressed and schlep out to movie theaters. Tastefully executed, right down to the beer belly and fake wood paneling, this is a visual metaphor for the pinnacle of privacy and relaxation.

Client: Pentax

Agency: Carmichael Lynch

This ad from Pentax promises that "Life is fun, you've got the pictures to prove it." Unfortunately, the pictures they show aren't nearly as much fun as the copy underneath it. Which only proves that the best way to let people know how much fun you're having is to actually tell them. Maybe Pentax should sell tape

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