What Liquor Brands Do CeeLo, Dr. J and Clooney Rep?

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Like gin and tonic, celebrities and booze have been mixing for decades. Who can forget Billy Dee Williams for Colt 45, Bob Uecker for Miller Lite or Frank Sinatra for Michelob? Even Orson Welles did it for Paul Masson Champagne, after more than a few (inebriated?) takes.

But these days, it seems like everyone has a deal. Do you know what brand Perry Farrell endorses? Do you know who Perry Farrell is? Dr. J (who has been retired for 26 years) has a new deal, as does CeeLo Green, Mad Woman Christina Hendricks and the Zac Brown band. But who backs what? It gets pretty confusing.

Test your knowledge with our 12-pack celebrity booze endorser quiz.

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