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'Reality' Pet Food Ads and Other Current Commercials of Note

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Love Your Lizard
Client: Petco Stores
Brand: Pet food and supplies
Title: Lullaby, Pool & Photobooth
Agency: The Phelps Group, Santa Monica, Calif.

After running a casting call for "pet pamperers" in California, the Phelps Group produced six "reality" spots for Petco, the pet supplies store chain. All are as peculiar as they are memorable.

Strange Little Men
Client: DirecTV
Brand: DirecTV
Title: Run or Pass
Agency: Deutsch, Los Angeles

The latest in a line of spots chronicling the adventures of an installation technician and his zany customers.

Taxis as Chorus Line
Client: Cingular Wireless
Brand: Cingular Wireless
Title: Taxi Dance
Agency: BBDO, New York and Atlanta

Imagine an entire fleet of New York taxis in a dance choreographed on a masive stage. Better yet, imagine "New York, New York" played with car horns, slamming doors and taxi driver grunts.

Cosmic Potato Chips
Client: Pepsico's Frito-Lay
Brand: Frito-Lay Potato Chips
Title: California Dude
Agency: BBDO, New York

To hype their new California Cool Dill potato chips, Frito-Lay's goes surfer dude cosmic.

$40 Million School Ads
Client: DeVry University
Brand: DeVry University
Title: Three Years
Agency: DraftWorldwide, Chicago, New York and Toronto

This is one of two spots that are part of DeVry University's extraordinary $40 million image-changing effort.

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