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1942 Ayer establishes a Motion Picture Bureau as part of the Radio Department in New York. This was a precurser of TV production as well as a supplier of commercial theatrical films. A Hollywood office opens.

1950 The "Great Ideas of Western Man" campaign is launched for Container Corp., using famous artists.

1954 "Atlantic Keeps Your Car on the Go" slogan introduced for Atlantic Refining.

1956 E.I. DuPont joins the Ayer client list.

1958 Warner Shelly, who had replaced Gerald Lauck as New York office head, moves to Philadelphia as president.

1960 Louis T. Hagopian is hired in Detroit from client Plymouth.

1963 "Long Distance in the Next Best Thing to Being There" is coined for AT&T.

1965 Billings reach $100 million. Neal O'Connor is named president.

1966 Harry Batten dies. Neal O'Connor becomes CEO, and Louis Hagopian is named to head the New York office.

1969 The agency marks its 100th anniversary.

1971 General Motors becomes a client for corporate advertising.

1973 Ayer formally moves its headquarters to the Burlington House in New York, years after the de facto move. The Philadelphia office is closed.

1976 Hagopian becomes Ayer's sixth chief executive, and O'Connor heads the executive committee.

1979 "Reach out and touch someone" is coined for AT&T and Gillette joins the client list.

1980 The Detroit office is reopened for General Motors.

1981 "Be all you can be" is coined for the Army.

1982 KitchenAid becomes a client.

1986 Jerry Siano becomes chairman of Ayer New York, and Cunningham & Walsh is acquired.

1988 Marcella Rosen is the first woman named to the Ayer board.

1989 Ayer headquarters moves to Worldwide Plaza, 825

Eighth Ave., New York.

1990 Procter & Gamble assigns Hawaiian

Punch to Ayer.

1992 TAPSA/Ayer is the No. 1 agency in Spain.

1993 Ayer wins the Wolverine and Pep Boys accounts and forms the Worldwide 1 on 1 direct marekting unit in a joint venture with Ross Roy.

1994 Charles Coiner, late great Ayer art head, is elected to the Advertising Hall of Fame.

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