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An Enchilada with everything now means more than a messy Mexican meal to potential computer buyers.

The Enchilada from Simple Solutions is the newest under-$1,000 system that includes Internet access and seeks to wrap up a complete package targeted at Web newbies.

The computer's launch is supported by a marketing and advertising campaign hatched by DiNoto/Lee, New York, which also came up with the Enchilada name.

Print ads and radio spots, debuting first in two test markets, take a humorous tone to draw in consumers with copy such as "The whole enchilada. Burp."

The campaign will roll out nationally in two to three months. Spending couldn't be determined.

"What's great about the name is it's very human and it's about simplicity and about everything being in one package -- but it still has a kind of attitude," said Esther Lee, DiNoto/Lee partner.

Simple Solutions founder Ike Sutton started the company after his own frustrating experience with trying to buy a computer and getting onto the Internet. The Enchilada costs $19.99 per month on a payment plan over four years (or an upfront payment of $799), and includes unlimited Web access.

Consumers can buy the system through the Web site (www.enchilada.com) or toll-free phone number.


The under-$1,000 PC market is booming, with about 60% of retail desktop unit sales at the lower price point, said Matt Sargent, senior industry analyst for ZD InfoBeads.

"The revenue side is a different story. It is definitely harder for these guys to make profits at the lower price," Mr. Sargent said. '

Mr. Sutton, president-CEO of Simple Solutions, admitted he isn't making much money on the sales of the computer.

"Just about break even when all the costs are figured in," he said.

Rather, he's selling the computers to build up a customer base. Then he will negotiate ad and e-commerce deals based on those users.

And he's hoping to build that base quickly. Mr. Sutton's goal is to sell 1 million PCs by the end of next year.

Further down the line, he plans to take his company public and, in his words, "become a force to be reckoned with."

Advertising and marketing will play a central role in Enchilada's development. Mr. Sutton said someday he'd like to see his company's name on billboards, T-shirts and hats everywhere you go. In other words, he's looking for the whole

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