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Jennet Conant, who wrote the Esquire piece that piqued Ron Perelman, has already jumped ship for Vanity Fair.

So now we're (Pitney-Bowes) going to tell the Chinese how to run an efficient postal service? Chairman Mao gets the last laugh.

San Francisco-based writer Mary Roach (you see her stuff in Vogue, Esquire, GQ, Men's Journal, etc.) is the latest contributing editor at American Way, the in-flight mag.

What has the baseball strike done to prospects for Ken Burns' PBS series on baseball?

American HomeStyle's doing all right with year-to-date ad pages up 14% over a year ago at 479 pages through November.

The top young fashion designer in the country, says Mademoiselle, is 22-year old Meng Leng Wang of New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, who won the magazine's national design competition.

Monday, Oct. 24, at Veterans Stadium in Philly during the NFL game they'll kick off the 20th anniversary celebrations of Ronald McDonald House, the charity that helps families of seriously ill kids.

Golfweek magazine, which HQs in Orlando but covers the sport nationally, opens a California sales office at Carlsbad, with Lisa Bruckner as regional sales manager.

David Persson of Media Ventures Inc., Bridgeport, Conn., named a senior VP-operations, JoAnn Sardo.

Rick MacArthur says Harper's magazine ad pages for the year to date are up 7.8% over last year and circulation is running at over 220,000 (the rate base remains at 205,000).

US magazine has a new exec editor, Barbara O'Dair, moving in from sister pub, Rolling Stone.

More great names: Dinwiddie Lampton, shown in his coach & four at Saratoga, in The New York Times.

Jake Winebaum sent me his brand-new FamilyPC, a computer mag aimed at, well, the family. Jake estimates there are 15 million computer households with kids. "This means big business," he says. Disney and Ziff-Davis are his parent companies.

Buzz, the L.A. mag, named Jenny Isaacson its marketing director.

The current issue of Southwest Airlines' magazine Spirit is, with 72 ad pages, their biggest ever. The airline's booming as well, apparently.

Richard Amann reports his Boating magazine, 38 years old, has just posted the best ad and circulation figures in its history. But when do they run a feature on my canoe?

New Woman has a new creative director. She's Ann Kwang, who worked for both Harper's Bazaar and Calvin Klein.

Barbara Litrell says the October issue of McCall's is up 19% in ad pages over last year's October, 119 pages to 100.

Seventeen anointed Lynne Andujar its first-ever creative services director, up from promotion director.

With the first yellow flag now having been tossed in anger, here are my NFL predictions: The 49ers are the class of the league; Parcells' Patriots the pleasant surprise; no Super Bowl loss by the Bills (they won't get there); the Giants are a .500 team; and at Dallas, Switzer and Jerry (call me Rockne) Jones murder each other in a sideline altercation as cheerleaders scatter in horror.

Busy, busy. Walter Anderson of Parade, whose magazine next year will spin off a new interactive publication for youngsters, will be lecturing this fall at The New School in Manhattan on self-confidence. First of the seven weekly courses is Oct. 4.

Ted Faraone of Faraone Communications in New York writes to suggest Descartes wrote his wisecrack in French, "Je pense, donc je suis," rather than in Latin, "Cogito, ergo sum." Anyone know for sure?

Next Feb. 23 marks the 50th anniversary of the invasion of Iwo Jima by three Marine divisions. During the monthlong fight Joe Rosenthal of the AP took what is perhaps the most famous combat photo of all time and 27 Marines were awarded the Congressional Medal, 13 of them posthumously. The island measures only 51/2 miles long by 21/2 wide. Now Richard Dougherty of the Iwo Jima Battle 50th Anniversary Inc. group in Florida, a non-profit corporation, former Marine (and actor) Hugh O'Brian and others have created a script and done interviews and are trying to arrange the marketing of a TV series about the battle, narrated by O'Brian. He can be reached by fax at (310) 475-9390. Mr. Dougherty says general offices have been set up in Sarasota. His phone number is (813) 952-5803.

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