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In your article "Print wants share of Latin pie" (April 1996) one of Time's competitors made erroneous statements about both the Pan Latin (or TAP) Survey conducted by Audits & Surveys and Time's performance in that survey.

To set the record straight:

1. The survey does, indeed, measure magazine readership.

2. For two consecutive years the survey has shown Time to be truly the dominant international news or business magazine in Latin America.

3. The survey also measures primary readership, in-home readership and time spent reading-measures which underscore that Time's advantages are qualitative as well as quantitative.

In the future, it would be wise to question those who glibly categorize a competitor's performance in a survey-while making no statement as to the results obtained by their own magazine.

Time remains committed to delivering our advertisers and their agencies the best available research concerning the Latin American market. We are working with Audits & Surveys to improve where possible the magazine portion of the Pan Latin Survey.

We are also, as your article states, in talks with other magazines to create a new syndicated survey targeting business readers and upscale consumers.

Hugh C. Wiley

VP, Latin America

Time International

New York

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