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Tabasco: "Phoenix"

DDB Worldwide, Dallas

Creative directors: Kevin Sutton and David Ring

Photography: Philip Esparza; account exec: Stephanie Dieste.

Four bottles of Tabasco sauce are lined up against a "hot" yellow-orange backdrop. At first glance the bottles appear to be identical, but not so fast. The first one, containing garlic pepper sauce, casts a black shadow in which the word "Phoenix" is reversed. The second bottle, green pepper sauce, tells us in its shadow that it's "Phoenix. In August." Next comes pepper sauce, which, we read, is "Phoenix. In August. In a Nova with black vinyl seats." And the fourth, habanero sauce, is described as "Phoenix. In August. In a Nova with black vinyl seats and no A/C."

This was voted the Ad Age Best Magazine Ad of 1999 by our panel of judges who were impressed with how DDB differentiated among these various and progressively hotter products within the Tabasco line.


H.J. Heinz Co.: "Meatloaf"

Leo Burnett USA, Chicago

A color photo dominates this spread, in which there are no words other than those on the label of a Heinz ketchup bottle on the cermaic tabletop in a restaurant. In the middle of the familiar keystone-shaped label are the words "Meatloaf's only hope," in the same typeface where "Tomato ketchup" normally appears.

Harley-Davidson Motor Co.: "Sins" Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis

A color spread shows a gleaming blue-and-silver Harley in a dimly lit but elaborate church, with the headline, "You commit 4 of the 7 deadly sins just looking at it." Long copy talks about the attributes of the motorcycle, interspersing the "sins" being committed by the observer (lust, envy, pride and gluttony).

Mercedes-Benz of North America: "Words"

Lowe Lintas & Partners Worldwide, New York

A 10-page insert introduces Mercedes' 2000 S-class by showing us a series of icons, one to a page in dramatic photographs: "an actor" (Laurence Olivier); "a building" (the Parthenon in Athens); "a writer" (Ernest Hemingway). . . The section ends with a foldout introduced by the words "a car" and showing a head-on photo of the 2000 S-class, along with the phrase, "Sometimes words can be hopelessly inadequate."

IBM: "Take Note"

Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, New York

Against a stark white background, IBM's Thinkpad 240 is shown slightly open, tucked comfortably into a three-ring notebook, also slightly open. The ad's headline: "The new thinkpad 240. take note"; copy: "real light, just 2.9 lbs. real thin, just one inch. real keyboard. real ports. real power. it's a mini-notebook. it's a real notebook. it's a thinkpad."

Kraft Foods; Callard & Bowser-Suchard Altoids: "Nurse"

Leo Burnett USA

Another in the long and impressive series of creative executions for Altoids, "the curiously strong mints." This one shows a stern-looking nurse holding a tin of peppermint-flavored Altoids. The headline: "Now this won't hurt a bit."

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