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Cathleen Black, president

Hearst Magazines

Tenure: 1 year, 10 months

16 titles

On the most significant change in the company under her: "Stronger emphasis on marketing, creating partnerships with advertisers, and taking a more strategic look at the business."

On the industry's biggest challenge: "In a very exciting and very fertile media marketplace, it is a challenge to produce the best editorial that we can. There is a tremendous emphasis on the reader, and leveraging that relationship."

On the MPA's role: "It should continue to play a leadership role in getting across the message of the importance of magazines maintaining a strong editorial voice."

On editorial/advertiser relations: "Over a period of years, advertisers have become more demanding about a magazine's content. While they have every right to know about the environment around their ad, magazines made a mistake by divulging too much information. The MPA/ASME guidelines have reeled that back and put things on a more level playing field."

On her management style: "Focused, strategic, fair, aggressive, approachable. I have worked in a team way with editors and publishers and. . .they understand that I'm here to be their supporter and advocate."

On magazine's selling points: "To best position the magazine, we need to re-emphasize the relationship and connectivity that we have to the reader. The reader makes a decision to pick up that magazine and about how they want to spend their time. With such a multiplicity of choices, that relationship points to an even more positive future for magazines."

Time on her own: "Playing with my kids and reading a magazine."

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