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Chris Little, president,

Meredith Corp. Publishing Group

Tenure: 2 years

20 titles

On Meredith's biggest challenge: "We've had terrific success in improving our margins, but we need to continue the pace of profit growth that we've had over the long term. I think acquisition is a very chancy course that you can't count on to build a magazine company. We have several other magazines on the drawing board in varying stages of readiness."

On editorial quality: "The better the quality of your editorial products, the more opportunity you have to build the business. We've added a lot of editorial people at Meredith even as our profit margins have improved. There is a call here constantly to do better on the bottom line, but not at the expense of editorial quality."

On the MPA's role: "A major part of the MPA's task is to fight for magazine issues in Washington, like drug advertising and proposals to tax advertising that magazine companies cannot deal with by themselves."

On his management style: "It's an art, not a science. You've got to provide intellectual, emotional and motivational leadership, and you've got to lead by example. The key, though, is clearly defining strategy and goals."

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