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David Pecker, president-CEO

Hachette Filipacchi Magazines

Tenure: 6 years

29 titles

On the most significant change at Hachette Filipacchi: "Consolidating the corporate sales structure and having our efforts concentrated on selling all the magazines. We also had a cultural change where we started seeing ourselves as an international company, and in 1991 we became part of a global buying unit."

On industry's greatest challenge: "The newsstand marketplace and accommodating retailer demands is our No. 1 challenge, especially in how to maintain a newsstand presence in a competitive marketplace. . .and get profitable results. The secondary challenge is the impact of new media on advertising. There is going to be a tremendous need for content in the future, with the Internet and proliferation of cable channels. We have to watch how we manage that transition."

On the MPA's role: "Nobody has approached me for a while to rejoin. But if they did ask me, the business of circulation has changed so drastically, for both newsstand and subscriptions, that the MPA should be taking a position in that area. Also, they should be exploring how to position magazines against new media."

On vision: "I'm hoping Hachette will be a billion dollar company in the next three years. I'd also like to see a balance of 70% consumer titles and 30% trade magazines.

On his off time: "I'm an automotive enthusiast. I've got a new Porsche with only 500 miles on it because I haven't had a chance to drive it."

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