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Don Logan, CEO-chairman

Time Inc.

Tenure: 5 years

30 titles

On cultural changes since his arrival: "We decentralized the company, pushed responsibility down to the manager's level. I want those managers to know and understand their customers better than anyone else. The emphasis is on the single title. . .People are promoted based on merit, not on a pecking order found on an organizational chart.

On the bottom line: "We expect Time Inc. to grow at double-digit rates, faster than the industry. More emphasis is put on the bottom line, so people are more disciplined about it and are being more responsible for it. The real goal is not just to chase numbers. It is to encourage growth, [which] provides us with more cash to invest in new properties.

On the industry's challenges: "Our biggest challenges are rising costs. We're going to have a postal rate increase next year, paper costs are rising again, and our people costs continue to escalate. Also, the uncertainty of the prescription drug category and what's going to happen there. Print is not treated the same way as television and that's something we have to address."

On the MPA's role: "The MPA needs to continue to sell the benefits of magazines versus other media, especially television. They also need to take a more active, leadership role in newsstand distribution, to get single copy sales in total growing again."

On management style: "Organized chaos. We threw away the organizational charts and don't spend nearly the time we used to on standardizing and making all the titles vanilla. We have a great deal of flexibility now, but there is a lot of gray area in who makes decisions. That's healthy to have a little bit of uncertainty. If you throw away the rulebook, common sense and common decency take over."

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