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John Heins, president-CEO

Gruner & Jahr USA Publishing

Tenure: 4 years

7 titles

On G&J greatest challenge: "McCall's and Family Circle as part of the Seven Sisters are not a high growth area in magazines. We'll have to find our growth in just being better than everyone else. . .[We] have to find smart ways to grow and acquire. Whether it's an acquisition or a launch depends on the economics of it. It may be smarter for us to just launch into a market we're interested in being in."

On the challenge for the industry: "We need to do a much better job of selling how effective print is in allowing advertisers to sell more product. . .I think individually as companies and collectively as an industry, we can do better. There are a lot of inherent biases in agencies and with marketers towards TV, some based on strong quantitative evidence, some not."

On management style: "I'm hands-on when the situation requires it, and I'm hands off when the situation warrants it."

On MPA's role: "We need to deal with the print effectiveness issue, as well single-copy distribution. We need to become more focused on selling our products in a more efficient way in concert with wholesalers and retailers. It's a challenge but also an opportunity. Collective action can have significant impact."

Least known fact: Started in the magazine business as a reporter/researcher for

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