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Robert Teufel, president-chief operating officer

Rodale Press

Tenure: 18 years

18 titles

On most significant contribution: "In the past five years, we've actively launched Men's Health as an international brand. We bought [fly-fishing publisher] Abenaki Publishing [and] New Woman. Our plans [for New Woman] are to really use the synergy of Rodale in more network selling, such as Prevention and New Woman, and using the muscle that Men's Health has.

On challenges: "I think the biggest challenge to the magazine business is to keep this great momentum with ad sales so strong. We're facing a postal increase in 1998, and we've already experienced paper price increases."

On challenges for MPA: "Two things are important for the MPA to address. One is retail sales. The single-copy distribution system is in flux. Two, we need to promote print as the powerful medium that it is."

On the bottom line: "Rodale's goal has always been to be a thriving company, not a growth company. We look to stability and putting money back into the product and developing stronger products. You have to put the compost back in the soil, to use a Rodale gardening allegory. You have to make a profit in order to stay in business."

On management style: "We have some very good people that work at Rodale press, and I think it's important for a president or CEO who hires very good people to make use of that resource. Shared wisdom, shared knowledge, shared experience is more effective in the magazine business than a single voice coming from the top."

On vision: "We see Rodale as a more global company in five years with even broader products in the health and fitness field. It'll probably be a combo of start-ups and acquisitions."

On his own: My hobbies are fly fishing and scuba diving. I also enjoy doing natural landscape gardening.

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