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Efrem "Skip" Zimbalist III,


Times Mirror Magazines

Tenure: 4 years

16 titles

On most significant change in Times Mirror: "We decentralized management and put each magazine in charge of its own fate. I want our managers to act like they are the CEO of their magazine or group. We agree on goals and priorities but then they are in control. This way each magazine can deal with advertising customers one on one."

On his management style: "I'm a good delegator. I set goals and then put strong people in the day-to-day management and let them go and manage the business. We set tough goals and we hold people to them, but I'm also a cheerleader. I'm out there helping them achieve their objectives by getting whatever resources they need to get there."

On industry's greatest challenge: "Managing the transition from paper to electronic media, especially managing the proliferation and specialization of information. We need to figure out what the right role is for us, and how we are going to deliver our information."

On MPA's role: "They should be focused on making sure magazines and all their by-products maintain their share of the advertising market."

In his off time: "Flying to California every other weekend to spend time with my

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