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Steve Florio, president-CEO

Conde Nast Publications

Tenure: 4 years

16 titles

On significant changes under his watch: "Changing the culture to be much less politically charged. It's a more modern, professional management that predetermines goals with a budgeting process. People tell me it's terribly liberating. . .They know whether or not they are making their budgets, and if they aren't, they come in with a plan of what they are going to do to fix it."

On the industry's greatest challenge: "Getting good syndicated research. . .Today no one believes any of the studies have a lot of merit or credibility. The new Audits & Surveys study we're hoping will be something we'll be able to have faith in. The second challenge is to get the industry back on rate card. That has almost destroyed a very healthy industry."

On MPA's role: "It should be focusing on research. .and continue to protect the editorial products like they have with the recent joint MPA/ASME statement."

On his management style: "Very hands on, I have a sense of proprietorship about the magazines. I try to celebrate the people, help them set goals and then work hard to achieve them."

On vision: "We are looking to grow ad pages to be No. 1 in PIB pages, and I would like to see us launch two more magazines, one of which will be about something very near and dear to me."

In his off-time: "I have a Ferrari that I take to driving school so I can zoom

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