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Steve Forbes, president-CEO


Tenure: 7 years

8 titles

On Forbes' greatest challenge: "With our moving into the international market and expanding in electronic media, we need to stay sharper in our editorial."

On the industry's greatest challenge: "Finding ways to continue to provide relevant editorial content. We have information overload today. . .The information must be worthwhile for people to make the engagement with your products."

On the MPA's role: "Making sure the editorial products remain unsullied and removing any potential barriers to publishing company's operations, especially with the upcoming debates about privacy and the Internet. "

On his management style: "Entrepreneurial, conversational."

On magazines' selling points: "Magazines have a chance to present information in a new way. We give the readers something they can chew on and mull over. We don't want to be television on paper, offering up 30-second bites of

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