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Procter & Gamble Co.'s Crest: "Desk"

Bromley Communications, San Antonio

Creative director: Pablo Buffagni

Assistant creative director: Hector Prado

Art director: J.C. Pagan

Copywriter: Hector Prado

Crest plugs its school-based dental education program with a visual and a pun. "Welcome to the Dental Education Program" says the headline over a picture of a desk with a pencil holder shaped like a toothpaste tube. The brief body copy explains the program has educated more than 100 million schoolchildren. The tagline plays with the word "Sonrisas" with "Sonrisas sanas. Son Risas Crest." ("Healthy Smiles are Crest Smiles.")

Silver "UFO"

Del Rivero Messianu Advertising, Miami

Executive creative director: Luis Miguel Messianu

Creative director: Enrique Faillace

Senior Art director: Felipe Verswyvel

Copywriter: Liora Maya

The print ads are part of a multimedia campaign for the Spanish-language financial services Website, which uses the same idea of missing information through its TV and print executions. The magazine ad features a shot of the sky with a white square bearing the message "This 3.5% of information is missing. It could make a world of difference." The missing square -- a shot of a UFO in mid-flight -- is found in the body copy below, "Because every percentage counts." It simply explains its U.S. and Latin American content provides what its tagline promises: "The complete view."


Hispanics Against Drunk Driving: "Botella"

Lopez Negrete Communications, Houston

Creative director: Carlos Lopez

Assistant creative director: Salvador Veloso

Copywriter: Mr. Veloso

This anti drunk-driving ad skips moralizing with a spare, striking visual and a direct message. "It's amazing how many lives fall down a hole so small each year," and "Don't drink and drive" is the only copy over an overhead shot of a liquor bottle. Straight and to the point, it doesn't need any more.

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