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Mother, I'd rather do it myself!

TBWA/Chiat/Day's new branding campaign for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (February's Campaign, p. 13) is a brilliant idea, simply produced. So much so that it was executed last year in the U.K. by Mother for Britart.com. Red Media placed flyposters on everyday items, such as lampposts, railings and pavement, describing them as if they were pieces of art. Given Chiat's history of great ideas, I'm assuming it's a case of "Shit, what are the odds," not "I hope the judges aren't from London."

Trevor Schoenfeld

Associate Creative Director

Gee Jeffery & Partners, Toronto

Not bowled over

The Editor's Note on Super Bowl spots (February) confirms my suspicions about the state of advertising in the U.S. Even given months of production time, and budgets for a :30 that could feed a small African country for a year, admakers are failing to come up with compelling ideas and memorable executions. Most of the Super Bowl spots this year were mediocre at best. In fact, this was the worst Ad Bowl I've seen in years. I just got back from 10 days in London, where U.K. advertising struck me, on the whole, as much fresher and quite a bit more intelligent. By contrast, U.S. advertising is stuck in a too-familiar groove. I hope that our national performance in Cannes this year will prove me wrong, but I'm not holding my breath, and I bet a bunch of other countries will beat the pants off us. Maybe that's a good thing and it'll scare us out of our complacency. My fingers are crossed.

Nat Larson

Freelance Copywriter


Oh Sh*t:

The NFL/United Way item on p. 21 of the February Work section should have credited Y&R/New York creative directors Randy van Kleeck and Nelson Martinez.

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