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Inspired Lunacy

I gotta tell ya, Seamus Smegman (even his name cracks a smile) is clearly a man for the ages (Goldtooth Partners, Agency of the Year, by Bob Garfield, December/January). I'm not sure about the gold teeth, but I bet they really work well in the room. There's a part of me (currently unshaven) that identifies with his pizzazz. Reminds me of stunts we used in the '60s to convince the draft board that we were unfit to serve. The fact that one can now use inspired lunacy to land accounts is reassurance that - despite the recent election - there is hope. Seamus: if by chance you read this, there is always room at our table for you.

Peter Rosten, Managing Partner,

Anti-Crap.com, Hollywood

Seamus Unmasked

OK, OK! I've been had. I swallowed the story right to the end. I don't know what's more worrisome: that I was that gullible or this goofy story was actually believable. Great gag, Mr. Garfield.

Cliff Gillock, Creative Director,

The Albrecht Agency, Houston

Bob is shocked - shocked! - that anyone would doubt his priceless words. -Ed.

Catholic Spit(e)

To accept a so-called ad from the so-called people at Radio in the Nude (page 48, December/January) is unacceptable to me and my family. Besides not being funny, the ad spits in the face of every Catholic in the business.

Ray Foley, Foley Publishing, Liberty Corner, N.J.

The photo shows a little dashboard statuette of a conservatively robed and happily smiling Virgin Mary, positioned over a car radio. The image has a sweet goofiness to it. It's hard to comprehend that you could construe the ad as somehow more unacceptable than your own Untermensch reference to "so-called people." -Ed.

Oh Sh*t!

The print campaign for Crunch Fitness Centers in the December/January issue should have been credited to DiMassimo Brand Advertising. The illustrator is Sandra Scher. Photo credit for the Dutch "JobShare" ad from Dec./Jan. Buzz goes to ad-rag.com. The photos of Seamus Smegman were taken by his doppelganger, Chris Cassidy.

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