How the Male of the Species Shops

Where the Boys Are in the Mall (Hint: It's Not the Suit Store). Marketers, Bring on the Shower Gel!

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Do men really hate shopping? Sure, we've all heard about -- or experienced -- the exaggerated groan uttered by the hunters of our species when asked to hit the mall en duo. But is it just a ruse to maintain manliness to their peers?
How the Male of the Species Shops
Click the hotspots to learn more about how the male of the species shops.

Men's Health magazine hired Harris Interactive to find out. To collect the data, Harris polled 1,000 men across the country about their shopping habits and preferences.

And guess what: Men don't hate shopping. They shop for casual clothing more than ever before, tend to buy many of the household grocery items and gladly will pick up at least shower gel and cologne grooming products for themselves. Men's Health Publisher Jack Essig said there are lessons for marketers in the "misperceptions about how men shop -- or don't shop."

For instance, he said, "about 80% of all marketing dollars for food goes to targeting women. That's a real missed opportunity." Not to mention a potential source of ad dollars for Men's Health, Mr. Essig?

If you want to know what else marketers might be missing with male shoppers, click the hotspots on the image above to learn more about how the male of the species shops.
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