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What keeps more advertisers from trying push media? A handful of technical and demographic factors seem to get in the way:

Performance issues. Fear that the bandwidth or screen space required by push media will hinder performance of corporate servers or personal computers and ads will be blamed is one potential sticking point, said Rick Smith, a partner in the Maloff Group International, an interactive consultancy.

However, he believes the fear is unfounded. Mr. Smith uses PointCast on a desktop machine with a 14.4 modem without any significant problems, he said.

Numbers. Some advertisers say that push can't deliver enough users or at least not cost-effectively. A package-goods marketer involved in one of the earliest commercial sites on the Web said PointCast-as well as other push vehicles and Web publications-can't deliver the clicks that his own Web site can and certainly not as cost-effectively.

Demographics. Subscribers to push media skew even more toward early adopters and males than the Internet as a whole. For PointCast, 80% of viewers are male, though that's down from 90% a year ago, thanks in part to the ParentTime at Work channel.

Effort. The time-up to 30 minutes or more per download-and that's doesn't

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