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Sometimes a fish just needs to swim free. Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish snack crackers, a longtime strong brand, historically have been included under the line's umbrella of high-end cookies and crackers. But market research showed adults bought Goldfish mainly for children-unlike the Campbell Soup Co. unit's other products.

Tom Daly and his cohorts recognized a growth opportunity. After revamping the packaging, granting the brand its own kid-targeted advertising campaign and supporting it with promotions, sales were up 44.4% for the 52 weeks ending March 2, according to Information Resources Inc.

Mr. Daly, recently promoted to marketing manager of the biscuit business, was part of the original research team that identified the snack cracker as an icon. He was eventually promoted to brand marketing manager and carried the repositioning idea straight through to execution.

Goldfish has moved into the animal cracker arena, adds Mr. Daly, 32. The team began with repackaging the product by creating family sizes, single-servings just right for school lunches and seasonally-driven novelty packages.

Goldfish's first-ever national campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, New York, kicked off last September. The 30-second spots show children singing "I love fishes 'cause they're so delicious."

In November, Pepperidge Farm tapped basketball legend Kareem

Abdul-Jabbar to promote the new family-size boxes.

This year, the brand is continuing its drive to humanize the Goldfish. For Easter, the cracker donned bunny ears; for the summer, it sports sunglasses.

"The repositioning has met expectations about the potential of the Goldfish brand," says Mr. Daly. "It has exceeded expectations about how fast we could get

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