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Roger king, 53, chairman of King World Productions, has three ingredients for marketing a show: a great concept, a talented host and heavy doses of promotion.

"Stations or advertisers that buy our shows know that we stick to these rules," says Mr. King. "We are going to deliver a quality show led by a talented host, and we will promote the show."

Mr. King has been chairman since 1977 (his brother Michael is president-CEO). Roger King says he has not wavered from this formula, which has helped the company build a stable of longstanding syndication hits that include "Wheel of Fortune," "Jeopardy!" and "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

"What set us apart in our early days is we produced customized promotions for our shows," says Roger King, who adds that King World now spends millions of dollars each year on promo spots for stations to run.

Keeping a fresh look to aging shows is also important, Mr. King says.

"If you look at `Wheel of Fortune' 10 years ago and you look at it today, it is a totally different show," he says. "Oprah, the genius that she is, continues to change the format of that show. Elements like `The Angel Network' are tremendous marketing tools."

Mr. King confirmed the company's solid standing in the syndication area by re-signing Ms. Winfrey last year, as well as signing Whoopi Goldberg to "Hollywood Squares" and Roseanne to her own talk show.

Although buyers have expressed concerns about "The Roseanne Show" being advertiser-friendly, they still signed on after Mr. King and his team worked hard to assuage any fears about the show.

"Roseanne has a comic mind," Mr. King says. "She's going to make you laugh, and we're going to play up to that" in our marketing. Audiences are hungry for more engaging programs, Mr. King says.

"People really want quality television that is entertaining and makes them laugh," Mr. King says. "And this country certainly needs more laughter."

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