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Contest #455: Ever wonder how O.J. Simpson can pay for his high-priced legal eagles and spin doctors? The answer: He can't. That's why the disgraced gridiron great is marketing his present predicament to pay for his defense. First there was a 1-800 number, then came a collector's coin. Next comes a book, "I Want to Tell You." Tell us this, T.N.T.ers: come up with the next marketing endeavor O.J. Simpson will use to pay for his defense.

And now for the results of Contest #451: we asked you for the next way Fox will "Foxify" the sport of golf:

First Prize: Fox will boost interest in golf by hiring a mascot, "The Bogeyman," to mock golfers who hit bonehead shots; creating a new "Skins Game," in which golfers must remove an article of clothing for every hole they shoot over par; holding "Gladiators of Golf" matches that feature golf-cart jousting, a golf gauntlet and golf dodge ball; and marketing a new ancillary product, "The Year's Best Divots," featuring in-your-face clips of flying dirt and grass. Bill Merrick, associate editor, Credit Union, Madison, Wis.

Second Prize: Fox will introduce "The Tee Files," a pregame show hosted by "X-Files" stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, featuring out of this world golf tips from guest aliens, telekinetic exercises for guiding the ball onto the fairway and techniques on performing self-hypnotic regression for coping with pressure shots. Opening credits flash: "A true putt is out there." Frank Huerta, new products marketing, Hughes Electronics, Goleta, Calif.

Third Prize: "The Beverly Hills, 90210"-"Melrose Place" Classic. Fox's hottest young stars hook up with the best PGA and LPGA golfers in the world. The format calls for steamy love scenes and high tension drama before, during and after the round. This unusually controversial format gives viewers the most provocative major on tour. Tagline for promos: Fox gives hole in one a whole new meaning. Whit Sabin, writer, Dallas.

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