Mary's mission impossible?

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Coke wants to address consumer needs with new brands, new packaging, new communication

Grow core carbonated soft drink brands (enjoyment today)

* Adjust Coke portfolio for all life cycles with sweeteners, caffeine, flavors, packaging (Coke Blak, Coke Zero, Coke portion control, M5 (night life)

* "Welcome to the Coke side of life" to promote Coke trademark

* iCoke digital campaign to recruit teens

* Leverage diets and lights

* Expand benefits of existing brands (Sprite 3G)

Grow other core brands, mainly non-carbonated (feel good today)

* Leverage existing brands across geographies, platforms, ages and benefits (Nestea, Powerade, Minute Maid, Dasani)

* Introduce new products to meet consumer needs (Full Throttle, Tab Energy, Powerade Advance, Dasani Sensations)

* 331 line extensions and 21 new trademarks globally have been introduced

Capture wellness need state platforms (feel good tomorrow)

* Teas (Nestea relaunch, Gold Peak, green tea)

* Coffees (Far Coast pilot in four countries, indulgence coffees)

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