Master who?

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That about sums up consumers' familiarity with the Masterfoods name. Nearly 90% of respondents to an online survey conducted for Advertising Age by Lightspeed Research International professed never to have heard of the company.

"I know the name," answered one. "That's about it." Said another, "I think they are a major brand carrier, much in the same way as Nabisco."

In fact, only 10.4% of the 8,091 respondents claimed to know what Masterfoods makes. But many of them were wrong: Some 21% of those saying they'd heard of Masterfoods thought the company made Minute Maid soda; another 20% believed it makes Raisin Bran and 18% thought it sold Dawn dish detergent. (Consumers could choose more than one answer).

Almost half, however, correctly answered that Masterfoods makes M&M's (47.1%) and Uncle Ben's rice (43.8%). Another 34.9% cited Pedigree pet food.

It's clear there's a lot more life in Mars than Masterfoods as a moniker. A full 87.6% of respondents knew that name. But they overwhelmingly associate it with M&M's (89.3%), which illustrates the company's conundrum in trying to convey its breadth of products: Only 4.1% of consumers knew Mars made Uncle Ben's and only 4.3% knew it made Pedigree.
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