Mazda posters accuse Volvo of being horribly stuffy

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LONDON--Mazda is using heat-sensitive posters in the U.K. to highlight the benefits of air conditioning in its 626 Atlantis model. As the day gets hotter the wording on the poster changes to emphasize that without air conditioning, a car will feel more hot and stuffy.

Created by Mazda's U.K. ad agency HHCL & Partners, the poster follows the same lines as Mazda's recent campaign which compared the Mazda 626 Atlantis, which has air conditioning, to the new Volvo S40. The claim that "The Mazda 626 Atlantis makes the Volvo S40 feel stuffy" alters in the heat with the appearance in bright pink an extra word to change the script to "...makes the Volvo S40 feel horribly stuffy."

Volvo U.K. Director of Public Relations John Lefley says of the heat-sensitive campaign: "It's quite flattering since our car has only been on the market a month and they see it as something to attack." He adds that although air conditioning on the Volvo S40 does not come as a standard feature, it can be purchased for "a reasonable price."

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