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Just when we thought Madison Avenue might not have a speaking role in the O.J. Simpson court drama, enter adman Ed McCabe. O.J.'s vociferous friend is listed as a potential defense witness who would be called to impeach prosecution testimony about wife abuse. Says Ed of an alleged incident 15 years ago: "They got in a fight and I was there. There was supposedly spousal abuse. That wasn't my take on it." Ed tells us that O.J.'s then wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, was the aggressor. As to the matter of O.J.'s blood matching that found at the scene of the crime, Ed says: "He's a big clumsy guy and he gets cut a lot. He roughhouses with the kids and he bleeds a lot. I get bit by other people's cats. I don't think that proves anything."

Family strife: The publishing industry is abuzz about Jann Wenner's new companion, Calvin Klein's Matt Nye. Wenner, who's estranged from wife/Wenner Media shareholder Jane, is keeping company with Nye, an association writer Jeanie Russell Kasindorf is exploring in an article for the new, improved New York magazine.

Silence(r) is golden: After Conde Nast Traveler dubbed Miami the rudest place to visit, The Miami Herald's Tropic magazine sponsored a "Get Nice, Miami" contest. Among the suggestions to make tourists feel more welcome and less like targets for shooting practice: Require silencers for gunplay after 10 p.m. and change the name of the city so its anagram is no longer "I Maim."

Dinnertime: Hearst Magazines President Claeys Bahrenburg is one lucky guy. Word is that at tonight's Council of Fashion Designers of America annual awards dinner, the Hearst executive will be Princess Di's dinner companion. The event, the industry's equivalent of the Academy Awards, is always a hot ticket, and Princess Di's appearance-secured by Harper's Bazaar Editor Liz Tilberis and Veronica Hearst-has made it the hottest in town. Tilberis has another honor to her name; tonight she'll be recognized for her work in fashion editorial.

Dem-struck: Doritos spokespeople and ex-Govs. Ann Richards and Mario Cuomo were so taken with Joe Pytka during a commercial shoot for Frito-Lay that they suggested-only half in jest-that Pytka head the Democratic National Committee. The larger-than-life, usually unflappable commercial director was, we hear, flabbergasted. .*.*. The next celebs to turn up sporting milk mustaches for that new milk industry campaign are actress Nastassja Kinski -who notes she'd rather wear milk than a boa constrictor-and model Iman, who sources say are among those who collected as much as $75,000 each for Bozell's $52 million effort.M

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