McDonald's and Comcast Top Winners at ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards

'McNugget Love' Picks Up Prize for Exceptional Results

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PHOENIX ( -- McDonald's Corp. and Comcast, along with their multicultural ad agencies Burrell and Grupo Gallegos, were the big winners at the Association of National Advertisers' annual Multicultural Excellence Awards on Oct. 5.

McDonald's and its African-American shop, Burrell, picked up the prizes for both the best African-American work and for the multicultural campaign with exceptional results at the ANA's Multicultural Marketing & Diversity conference at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. In the African-American spot "Mom's Trust," a little girl asks her father, who takes her to McDonald's and buys her mother flowers, what makes him happy, and he replies "Making my girls happy."

The spot was a way of connecting with mothers -- even though the mother is never seen in the spot -- and of including an African-American male, who is often omitted or ignored in advertising, said Priscilla Aviles Jamison, senior director, McDonald's U.S. marketing ethnic brands/creative.

McDonald's and Burrell also picked up the prize for exceptional results with the "McNuggets Love" TV and radio campaign, featuring a man who sings a song about the secret he knows about a woman -- that she secretly sneaks off to buy and eat McNuggets. Sales increased by 20%.

"We had so much fun with this campaign," Ms. Jamison said. "Burrell really brought this idea to us. It's about taking a risk. We knew we were messing around with an icon of McDonald's."

The campaign was a new way to talk to adults about McNuggets, often seen as a product for children, she said. The ads were so successful that they ran in the general market, too, as well as digitally and on McDonald's African-American-targeted website,

Comcast and its Hispanic agency, Grupo Gallegos, were also double winners, taking home the award for best Hispanic work for the TV campaign "Subtitles" for Spanish-language cable package CableLatino, and the ANA's first-ever radio award for the radio version of "Subtitles." Last month the CableLatino campaign also won a Gold TV award and a Gold Integrated Campaign award at Ad Age's Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards (the Comcast TV and radio spots can be played here).

In the TV spots "Most Wanted" and "Food," important information during an English-language news broadcast about a dangerous escaped criminal and poisoned food are obscured by Spanish subtitles that hide the felon's photo and the picture of the toxic products. The campaign's theme is "When you don't watch TV in your own language, you lose a lot of the story." The radio spots are stirring mini-dramas that are interrupted by the actors reading the punctuation marks as part of the dialogue.

The Asian-American award went to the California Department of Health and the A Partnership for a spot showing killers such as black widow spiders and mamba snakes along with the deadliest predator of all: Big Tobacco. The images were accompanied by the message, "Your family needs you more than you need a cigarette."

The award for best digital work was won by Allstate and Lapiz for a digital soccer game with the theme "Protection is our game." The prize for best general-market work displaying diversity went to Miller Coors and Saatchi & Saatchi for the humorous spot "Warehouse," featuring African-American actors.

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