Intense One-Week $2.5 Million Buy Focuses on Battleground Regions

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WASHINGTON ( -- The political group Media Fund today said it will focus $2.5 million in a one-week buy of TV ads in five swing states during a period when Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign is conserving its advertising resources.

Media Fund, which was founded by Democratic Party activists, said it would purchase ad time in Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The group will air one of five spots from Zimmerman & Markman, Los Angeles, talking about the effect Bush administration policies have had on "ordinary Americans," with the exact mix of issues tailored to the localities.

New approach
The concentrated spending represents a new tack by Media Fund, which previously aired commercials far more broadly.

Various spots in the mix includes one that questions whether the U.S. should be spending its resources on rebuilding Iraq rather than rebuilding America; another shows an older man working in a fast-food restaurant, to illustrate whether too many jobs are being sent overseas.

Sarah Leonard, a spokesman for Media Fund, said spending would continue after the one-week ad buy, though she declined to say at what rate.

Conserving resources
The Kerry campaign is conserving its financial resources because it it can no longer raise money now that it has received federal campaign funds following the Democratic Party's convention (though the Democratic National Committee can continue to raise money). The Bush campaign, meanwhile, can still raise and spend private funds until President Bush is nominated Sept. 2.

The group's announcement came as the Bush campaign launched a new spot and took the unusual step of putting the complete video of Mr. Kerry's convention acceptance speech on its Web site.

The campaign said it put up Mr. Kerry's speech to allow people to compare the candidates.

The new Bush ad, called "Together," will air on local TV in 18 states and on national cable TV networks.

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