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Most-Advertised Brands By 2012 U.S. Measured-Media Spending

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What's it cost to make a brand ubiquitous? For AT&T, the 2012 spending tally added up to $1.59 billion in measured media, making it the nation's most-advertised brand, according to Ad Age DataCenter's analysis of spending data from WPP's Kantar Media.

AT&T accounted for more than 1% of 2012 U.S. measured-media spending -- TV, radio, print, outdoor, internet display ads -- or $5.05 for every person in the United States.

AT&T is one of four telecoms on Ad Age's ranking of the 25 most-advertised brands, a list that includes five auto brands (led by Chevrolet), five retailers (topped by Macy's) and three insurers (with Geico far out front).

Exclusive for Ad Age DataCenter subscribers: See expanded ranking of 200 Largest U.S. Megabrands from No. 1 AT&T to No. 200 Bloomin' Brands' Outback Steakhouse ($93 million). The nation's 200 most-advertised brands collectively had 2012 measured spending of $50.2 billion, accounting for 36% of U.S. measured-media spending.

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