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Diet Coke Turtle
Marketer: Coca-Cola GB
Brand: Diet Coke
Title: "Tortoise"
Agency: VCCP, London

Slowly but surely, the Diet Coke turtle is making his way across the TV screens of the U.K. The talking reptile notes that while some people have a chip on their shoulders, he has a can of Diet Coke on his back -- because he loves life. Live fast, love life and feel good in your shell is his motto.

Waxing Her Butt
Marketer: TV Guide Channel
Brand: Joan & Melissa Rivers Show
Title: "Live Action 2
Agency: Stun Creative

Having bailed from their jobs as red-carpet commentators for the E! Entertainment Network last summer, Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa are scheduled to hit the crimson pile for the competing TV Guide Channel this month. This spot is part of the advance hype for the new show.

Hanging High
Marketer: PepsiCo
Brand: Pepsi Wild Cherry
Title: "Apartment"
Agency: BBDO, New York

Airing throughout the NFL playoffs, this spot features hyper-excited Pepsi Wild Cherry drinkers who leap so high and so hard they penetrate the ceilings of their apartments. Talk about hanging around to see the football game.

Buick Beyond Harley
Marketer: General Motors
Brand: Buick LaCrosse
Title: "Stylist Dream"
Agency: McCann Erickson, Detroit

With Harley Earl back in the grave and Tiger Woods nowhere in sight, Buick's new ad features a slinky babe undulating in front of well-polished bumpers. It's the latest incarnation of the automaker's struggle to break out of its old-man image. A voice-over says the product is "always chic, always flattering." The new tagline is "Dream Up." But in the background Aerosmith sings "Dream on."

Refrigerator Lurker
Marketer: Washington Dept. of Health
Brand: Anti-Smoking
Title: "Doppelganger"
Agency: Sedwick Rd., Seattle

Stalked by the ghost of the smoker he used to be, a Seattle man can't even open his refrigerator without being attacked from the lettuce bin by the apparition. His epic struggle to keep tobacco at bay is the latest of this state's PSAs against nicotine addiction.

Spike DDB's Diner
Marketer: PepsiCo
Brand: Pepsi
Title: "Diner"
Agency: Spike DDB, New York

This ad isn't new -- it appeared in the Super Bowl back in February. But it is noteworthy because the latest research indicates the spot was the most effective creative effort deployed by Pepsi throughout 2004. It's also one of our favorites.

Tyco Global
Marketer: Tyco International
Brand: Tyco Corporate
Title: "Global"
Agency: Hill Holliday, Boston

With its reputation tarnished by a recent scandal that resulted in the ouster of its CEO and CFO, Tyco's new management has launched a worldwide ad effort touting the company's products and services. Tyco is a global giant in the fire-protection, building security and industrial flow-control equipment markets.

The Anti-Blackberry
Marketer: PalmOne
Brand: Treo
Title: "The Assignment"
Agency: AKQA, San Francisco

PalmOne's anti-Blackberry product, the Treo, is out in a new model with features that make it a pocket-size laptop. The latest flock of ads from AKQA let the device speak for itself. Listen.

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