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Volkswagen's Snake Wrestler
Client: Volkswagen
Brand: Volkswagen
Title: "Vestibular" (Exam)
Agency: Almap BBDO, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Wrestling a deadly snake out of the river, an Amazon tribesman proves he's got what it takes to earn a Volkswagen and win the girl. Voice track on this Brazilian spot is in the universal language of grunts and beeps.

Killer Lipstick
Client: Revlon
Brand: 007 Color Collectiion
Title: "Bond/Halle"
Agency: Deutsch, New York

Halle Berry as a James Bond girl primps with 007 lip gloss before chasing another bad guy. Revlon's campaign ties into the new Bond movie Die Another Day from MGM.

Orgasmic Shampoo
Client: Clairol
Brand: Herbal Essence
Title: "Reasons"
Agency: Kaplan Thaler Group, New York

Hawking Herbal Essence shampoo with angelica and marigolds extracts, Jane Krakowski, from Ally McBeal, gets ever so lathered up.

Chevy Music
Client: Chevrolet
Brand: Chevrolet
Title: "Inspiration"
Agency: Campbell-Ewald, Warren, Mich.

Demonstrating how Chevrolet is literally a part of rock 'n roll, this spot features the Beach Boys, Don McLean, Elton John and the musician once again known as Prince belting out vintage songs about Chevies they have known and loved.

TNT's Hoop Thursday
Client: TNT Network
Brand: NBA Basketball
Title: "Work in Progress"
Agency: In-House

A symphony of screeching sneaker treads and bouncing balls put to a rythm and blues beat announces TNT's new Thursday night NBA basketball coverage that starts Oct. 31.

A Really Big Book
Client: Rugged Land Publishers
Brand: Novel The Silent Men
Title: "Silent Men"
Agency: Happy, New York

Faced with the challenge of creating a TV spot to promote what a publisher hopes will be a really big book, the creatives at the small New York independent shop Happy took a very literal approach. The book, The Silent Men, by Richard H. Dickinson, is scheduled for release this week.

Ad Ends Political Career
Client: Montana Democratic Party
Brand: Anti-Republican Candidate
Title: Hairdresser ad
Agency: Unknown

This ad caused a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Montana to quit the race last week. He alleges that the ad is gay-baiting. The Democratic Party denies this.

Digital Temptation
Client: Samsung Electronics
Brand: Digital TV Screen
Title: "Digital Temptation"
Agency: Foote, Cone & Belding Worldwide

A gorgeous woman in the embrace of a hunky lover can't help but watch the "digital temptation" of a Samsung TV screen just beyond the bed. "Is it the clarity? Is it the performance?" asks the announcer.

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