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Geriatric Toy Warriors
Marketer: Meijer
Brand: Meijer Toys
Title: "Action Heros"
Agency: DeVito Verdi, New York; Animation by Vinton Studios, Portland, Ore.
This 30-second animated spot, which took eight weeks to complete at Vinton Studios, features two rival toy heros grown so old they can't quite remember what they're fighting about. The tagline is "New toys get old real fast; don't pay more than you have to." The spot is running in the five Midwestern states where Meijer has retail outlets.

Water Music
Marketer: GE
Brand: GE Technology
Title: "Water Music"
Agency: BBDO Worldwide, New York
Water music of a sort 18th-century composer George Frideric Handel could have hardly imagined, this version of "Air" from Water Music is played by aqueous humanoids. The serenade is really about GE's water filtration technology.

Kid-Tested Jeep
Marketer: DaimlerChrysler
Brand: Jeep
Title: "Kid Tested"
Agency: GlobalHue
Striking back at the recent Hummer 'Happy Jack' children's ad in which a home-built Hummer wins a soapbox derby race by going off road, Jeep unleashes this version of its own children's spot. In this one, the Jeeps are the true off-road champs and the bright yellow "imitation" SUV gets bogged down in the mud.

M&M Wheels
Marketer: Target
Brand: Target
Title: "Wants & Needs"
Agency: Petterson Milla Hooks
A bicycle whose wheels turn into M&Ms is just one of a stacatto of bifurcated images pairing parts of hard Target products with soft human consumers.

Sugar-Water Bliss
Marketer: Coca-Cola Co.
Brand: Coke
Title: "I Wish"
Agency: Mother, London
In Mother's first spot for the Coke brand in Britain, the sugar-water product has a magical effect on pedestrians, causing them to break into song and offer each other free bottles of Coke. The tune being sung, 'I Wish,' sums up the likelyhood of that ever actually happening.

Green Christmas
Marketer: Guinness
Brand: Guinness
Title: "St. Patrick's Morning"
Agency: BBDO, New York
Imagine St. Patrick's Day as a new kind of Christmas, when all the men in the house wake each other up excitedly to rush downstairs to open their gifts in front of the fireplace -- and every gift is a Guinness product.

The Audition
Marketer: Anheuser-Busch
Brand: Budweiser
Title: "Audition"
Agency: Hill Holliday
The title of this one could be 'It takes a tough musician to play a good guitar.' A rock band holding an audition purposely locks the front door and ignores the doorbell. The single determined musician who scales a dilapidated fire escape and climbs in through the loft window gets the job as well as a bottle of Budweiser.

Reps and Rosary Beads
Marketer: Lucille Roberts
Brand: Lucille Roberts Fitness
Title: "Convent"
Agency: Korey Kay & Partners, Dallas
'Not quite ready to make a committment?' asks the voice-over as a nun shepherds a young prospect through a convent's Spartan rooms. The ad is actually aimed at pudgy women who are candidates for the Lucille Roberts Fitness centers, where they can count reps rather than rosary beads. No contract or commitment required.

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