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Companies in this report are ranked by their U.S. gross revenue from research reported to Advertising Age in a questionnaire. The list is a mix of both public and private companies.

The ranking includes 111 companies. Ad Age analyzes only the top 100 subset for year-to-year comparisons of the 100 Leading Research Companies.

The Top 100 in fact claim 99.7% of total U.S. revenues of the 111 reporting companies, and virtually 100% of the non-U.S. portion.

Worldwide research revenue is U.S. research revenue plus non-U.S. research revenue. Non-research streams such as conferences or consulting are not counted in this report. For some companies non-research revenues remain a sizable portion of total returns.

For 91 of the research companies, the calendar year is the source of the listing data. Numbers for those on non-calendar fiscal periods closing after mid-year '98 may be the same as presented in AA's last report published May 25, 1998.

A few companies listed are ranked by their fiscal year 1999 revenue. (See footnote in chart on Page S-2.)

The rank for 1997 is based on information reported this year and may differ from information provided last year. Pro forma readings on acquisitions and divestitures may have involved a restatement of prior-year figures.

If a company owns a percentage of another research company, only that percentage of the other company's revenues are folded into the parent's totals.

Researchers interested in participating in future reports should contact Susen Taras: Phone (312) 649-5413/Fax (312) 649-5360.

Staff for this report: R. Craig Endicott, Dataplace editor; Kevin Brown, information services editor; Susen Taras, research editor; Megan Friedly, research coordinator; Kenneth Wylie, research report writer; Mike Ryan, Special Reports editor; Geoffrey Shives, design director; Sarah Brewster, Josh Hoff and

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