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Companies are ranked by their U.S. gross revenue from research reported to Advertising Age in a questionnaire. The list is a mix of both public and private companies.

The ranking includes 113 companies. Ad Age analyzes only the Top 100 subset for year-to-year comparisons of the 100 Leading Research Companies.

The Top 100, in fact, claim 99.6% of total U.S. revenues of the 113 reporting companies and nearly 100% of the non-U.S. portion.

Worldwide research revenue is U.S. research revenue plus non-U.S. research revenue. Non-research streams -- a sizable portion of many of these companies -- are not counted in this report.

For 93 of the research companies, the calendar year is the source of the listing data. Numbers for those on non-calendar fiscal periods closing after mid-year '97 may be the same as presented in AA's last report published May 19, 1997.

A few companies listed are ranked by their fiscal year 1998 revenue.(See footnote in chart on Page S-2.)

The rank for 1996 is based on information reported this year and may differ from information provided last year. Pro forma readings on acquisitions and divestitures may have involved a restatement of prior-year figures.

If a company owns a percentage of another research company, only that percentage of the other company's revenues are folded into the parent's revenue.

Researchers interested in participating in future reports should contact Susen Taras at (312) 649-5413/Fax (312) 649-5360.

Staff for this report: R. Craig Endicott, Dataplace editor; Susen Taras, Research editor; Kenneth Wylie, research report writer; Mike Ryan, Special Reports editor; Geoffrey Shives, design director.

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