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The challenge for Details Guy Sam Cohen is to keep the inside joke inside. It's great if everybody shares it, but it has to stay personal.

Mr. Cohen, 23, is in charge of marketing for Jeremy's Microbatch Ice Creams, but his business cards say "Details Guy" because he handles all the details of daily operation.

Microbatch is the brainchild of Jeremy Kraus, who started the company while he was still a student at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Cohen says the company caught on because its youthful, hip, humorous image appeals to students. He expects the good time to continue as long as he shuns traditional advertising such as outdoor boards and TV commercials in favor of personal contact.

That goal is accomplished largely by Jeremy's Secret Service, which Mr. Cohen dreamed up when the company grew too large for Mr. Kraus to make all his appearances in person.

The secret service, staffed by Microbatch interns, uses guerrilla marketing tactics and travels its markets offering free samples, coupons and T-shirts.

"The key is to make a higher level of contact with people," Mr. Cohen says. "You can shake hands and try our ice cream in person."

Microbatch spends about $1 million a year on the promotion strategy. The impact? Last year Microbatch was in 800 stores; today it's in 5,000 stores in New

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