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Braking for UFOs
Client: Midas
Brand: Midas
Title: "I Brake for ..."
Agency: DDB Chicago
Effective in its own goofy, spoofy way, this spot brings us a UFO geek, boy-hungry teenage girls and lady-chasing old codgers owning up to what they most like to brake for. All, of course, brake with Midas.

Coagulating Car
Client: BMW
Brand: BMW
Title: "Ink"
Agency: Arnold Worldwide Partners
What is that oozing from everywhere? Ink? Paint? Molten metal? Fascinating to watch, it is something like a liquid version of 'Cog.' Gathering flows converge to coagulate into the hard parts of a BMW. Its sci-fi movie F/X and automotive advertising at its most entertaining.

Pontiac Busted
Client: Pontiac
Brand: Grand Prix GTP Comp G
Title: "Joy Ride"
Agency: Chemestri
Our car-thief hero just loves the smooth, muscular, road-hugging feel of the Grand Prix he has stolen. But wait, is that a phalanx of cops up ahead? No, it's a commercial for Pontiac's OnStar stolen vehicle tracking system.

Super Sucker
Client: Dyson
Brand: Dyson Vacuum Cleaners
Title: "Doesn't Fade"
Agency: Fallon, Minneapolis
Billing itself as the only vacuum cleaner that doesn't lose suction, Dyson launches its new campaign for high-tech cleaning gear with this spot. Curious viewers who are motivated to Google over to will find one of the best online product explanations we've ever seen.

Road Magic
Client: Acura
Brand: Acura TL
Title: "Roads"
Agency: Rubin Postaer & Assoc., Santa Monica
Adding new visual meaning to the idea of an automotive product that sets itself apart, this Acura magically builds new roads in any direction it moves.

Insufferable Bitch Like Me
Client: Domain
Brand: Home Furnishings
Title: "Cindy"
Agency: The Cox Group, New York
Although the theme here is 'People Like You,' it could well have been 'Insufferable Bitch Like Me.' The spot's star is a status geek who has taken the nesting instinct to its ostentatious extremes. And you can, too, at Domain.

Derek's Party Girl
Client: Visa
Brand: Visa
Title: "George & Derek, Thought"
Agency: BBDO, New York

With its cute ending, this latest in Visa's George & Derek saga stuck in the public's mind. This spot received the highest consumer recall score for the period of Sept. 15-28 in the bi-weekly Intermedia Advertising Group survey.

Five-Minute Surgery
Client: Keno
Brand: Keno Gaming
Title: "Surgery"
Agency: TBWA, Vancouver
The five-minute surgery went well, except for that damned cell phone that's missing. Not everything is as quick and easy as a game of Keno.

Salma Hayek
Client: Coca-Cola Co.
Brand: Coke Classic
Title: "Restaurant"
Agency: Lapiz, Chicago
Featuring Salma Hayek, this is the first Coke TV Hispanic spot to cross over to mainstream placement.

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