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Contest #410: What's up with sneaker king Nike putting up a cool $25,000 for figure skating's femme fatale Tonya Harding's legal expenses? Betcha the teeny boppers in the Nancy Kerrigan Fan Club are burning their Air Jordans in protest. But this reminds T.N.T. of some unfinished business tied to deflated pop star Michael Jackson, who predates Tonya in celebrityhood's "bad press" gossip-rama. C'mon, Nike-and all T.N.T.ers: Remind the American public of the basic tenets of justice by coming up with the next Nike PR/advertising campaign in support of Michael Jackson.

Put me in, coach

And now for the results of Contest #406: we asked you for the first ad campaign to feature baseball rookie Michael Jordan: Nike's new line of shoes will be called "Error Jordan." This line will feature shoes with slight imperfections (i.e., an upside-down swoosh). The ads will feature Jordan dropping fly balls and letting grounders through his legs, while wearing the "Error Jordans." Executions will end with Jordan proclaiming, "Nobody's perfect, not even Nike." Cory Conklin, student, University of Kansas.

Second Prize: For Hanes, Nike will endorse Pump Cup. Taking pro protection to new heights. Whether you're on or off the diamond, your "bases" are covered. Patrick Hamilton, art director/copywriter, Rogers & Associates, Hollywood, Fla.

Third Prize: Basketball legend turned baseball star Michael Jordan for Red Man Tobacco. "Just chew it." Gina Hagan, copywriter, Jones, Greenwald & Associates, Cherry Hill, N.J.

Honorable Intention: For McDonald's: Jordan is at bat. The crowd is going wild. Surly Boston Red Sox righthander gets his sign. He spits and delivers. CRACK! Jordan rips a scorcher down the third-base line where it's speared by Boston rookie Larry Bird. Drew Weaver, marketing coordinator, MBNA Bank, Newark, Del.

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