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Let's hear it. Another loud, standing "O" for Michael Jordan. He has turned Advertising Age's 1993 Star Presenter of the Year honor into a runaway lifetime achievement award.

In honoring the retired Chicago Bulls' leader for his marvelous national work for numerous advertisers (Nike, McDonald's, Gator-ade, Ball Park franks, Coca-Cola and Wilson Sporting Goods), and even for his local work in Chicago, we also recognize Mr. Jordan as a brand-builder who has opened the door to bigtime endorsement deals for other black American athletes.

It was just about a year ago, we remember, that Michael Jordan's gambling habits were in the news and we were all wondering whether his "Mr. Clean" image had been permanently damaged. His response was typical: He simply went on being "Mike," confidently letting his actions do his talking, just as they did whenever he stepped out on a basketball court.

Then, after his father was murdered, he searched his soul and dedicated himself to fulfilling his father's dream for his son: to be a major league baseball player. And so he embarked on his inspirational struggle to make it in baseball's "bigs."

When last we looked, yes, he was in the minors, but leading his team in batting and playing the outfield flawlessly. That's Michael Jordan-always demonstrating his dedication to performance, his awesome leadership qualities and a work ethic that brings out the best in himself and his teammates.

More than a super athlete, our Star Presenter of 1993 also happens to be a super role model.

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