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It's the "Elements of Man" Bud spot from DDB Needham/Chicago. A mystery wrapped in a toga, it's also up the Greek without a paddle. Directed by Albert Watson, type by David Carson.

Robin Pollak/Senior Copywriter

Margeotes Fertitta Donaher & Weiss, New York

Whoa, what's going on here? So artfully shot, so promisingly original, it looks like a high-concept thing and then-ugh. What a letdown. This spot deserves some praise for trying to be different, but the communication is too streamlined and the end result is just off.

Am I really supposed to believe that this male model hangs out with an "Animal House" crowd? He looks so uncomfortable in the last frame, I felt bad for him. Plus, any spot that gives you a quick recap at the end is way too proud of its cleverness.

Pete Kearney/Copywriter

Deutsch, New York

When are you guys going to send me the real spot? Sorry, but with David Carson and Albert Watson on the job I expect a lot more. They bring a tub o' talent to any project. And Budweiser? Come on. With its built-in image all of the elements for kick-ass work are here.

Kurt Reifschneider/Art Director


Based on the first 10 seconds of this spot, I really wanted to love it. The photography and type design are quite beautiful, but when things turned to the bowling gang, the obligatory pissed-off woman shot and the "Whoomp. There it is" style music, the concept fell apart and the spot went flat-kind of like day-old beer. One more thing, does anyone in this age group really belong to a bowling league?

Kelly Simmons/Associate CD

Earle Palmer Brown/Philadelphia

If John Belushi were alive today, do we really believe that he'd still be running around in a toga? If Budweiser is hell-bent on aligning itself with

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