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Hey, don't keep on movin', dude, it's the Coors Light Channel from FCB/Chicago and director Mark Fenske of the Bomb Factory. But is it, like, the right channel now?

Paul Schoettinger/Copywriter

Bozell/Salvati Montgomery Sakoda, Costa Mesa, Calif.

These spots are fun, entertaining and oh so convenient! No need to reach for the remote during this commercial interruption. The Coors Light Channel actually changes itself. The snippets range from somewhat weird to moderately hilarious, and they fit together in a wide open format that's easy for viewers to relate to, no matter how severe their Attention Deficit Disorder.

Cathy Lepik/Copywriter

Austin Kelley Advertising, Atlanta

This is advertising that makes you go "huh?" Not that that's a bad thing-at least it gets your attention. And after you figure out that you're watching a make-believe TV channel, you actually stand a chance of catching some funny one-liners amid the waves of funky art direction.

But what distinct product benefit are you left with after watching the Bud Light Channel? Or was that the Miller Light Channel?

Andy Azula/Art Director

Loeffler Ketchum Mountjoy,Charlotte, N.C.

Question: How do you produce a beer commercial without using a beach party and a plethora of scantily dressed babes? I think Coors has the idea: Create spots that entertain, that can be watched more than once and push the product unabashedly. Make sure the short attention-spanned MTV target market can relate to it. Make it fast paced. Oh, yeah, and give them the babes on the beach for half a second.

Lindsey Smith/Associate CD

Avrett, Free & Ginsberg, New York

These spots stopped me. They took me on a kind of crazy ride-like channel surfing without my remote. There's serious brand registration going on here, but the product is always handled in a fresh, unexpected way that somehow makes it nonoffensive. Overall, I like this campaign-it hits me over the head without

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