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A Canon office equipment campaign, from Dentsu/New York and director Gore Verbinski of Palomar Pictures, says "Now you can," but it's not clear that anyone wants to.

Neal Hughlett/Copywriter

Berlin Wright Cameron, New York

I love these spots. I love how they utilize gorgeous b&w film to convey a dated and truly hackneyed strategy. I love the exclusive use of Aryan males to exemplify business prowess and acumen. And I love the blatant implication that clear-cutting a timber forest is acceptable if it expedites your ascent up the corporate ladder.

I guess the '90s are really just the '80s after all, but with better production values.

Rob Schwartz/Senior Copywriter

Team One Advertising, El Segundo, Calif.

I like the way these spots look. I also like some of the funky special effects. (The guy climbing the paper stairs is a particular favorite.) Unfortunately, cool film with cool effects does not a good spot make.

In fact, the message here totally eluded me. I gather from the tagline, "Now you can," Canon copiers are supposed to empower me. But if the commercials are this confusing, it doesn't bode well for the products. Where have you gone, Brother Dominic?

Bill Swanston/Copywriter


He conquers towers of paperwork, leaps over the pit of despair, and climbs the corporate ladder. Hey, where's the all too familiar boot-licking scene?

Somebody needs to throw away the company cliche manual. This spot takes the worst corporate stock shots and simply sets them to motion. At least they made it look pretty.

Dennis Lim/Art Director

BBDO/Los Angeles

If you're a consumer, all you really care about when it comes to office equipment is that it will work when you want it to. You might care about features, and you'll probably care about cost, but certainly it's a stretch to

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